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Our Case Studies ...


Proud of our testimonials written by our clients, so we created easy to read and animated case studies and showcases.

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IRESS - Software demonstration and presentation skills development
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Oak Tyres - Inspire to Lead (management training)
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IVC-Lockwood Vets - Management Development Day
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Proud of our Feedback


Please spend take time to read some of the feedback we have recieved. 





Train The Facilitator:


We have been working with a global manufactoring company to fully scope, design and deliver their Global Facilitation Skills Programme. Time was taken to understand the business needs and drivers before exploring the learning issues. We scoped and designed the full global facilitation programme policy document and procedures, all supporting documention including role profiles, recruitment forms etc. Improview designed and created all learning materials for the train the facilitator training course including learning journals, slide deck and trainers notes and have been delivering the workshops to internal cohorts for the past 2 years, at Global locations. This has enabled new facilitators to deliver, with confidence and gravitas, the internal academy programmes.








Personal Feedback:


Recieved from the Director of a UK retail team:


"I did not get a chance to thank you properly on Thursday. You have, and will continue to be, an AWESOME team coach for my team and you have truly helped us on our journey from Bronze to Gold, please keep in touch"








Delegate Quote on a Leadership Change Programme:


"Leadership is like Beauty, it is hard to define but when you truly see it you know"


We thought the statement was beautiful in itself, especially when it came from one male leader in a room of 18 male leaders, you definately feel like you are making a difference.








Awesome Client Feedback:


Workshop delivered in Hong Kong and the client said how impressed he was with the delivery, he said:


"In 3 days you managed to understand the business and cultural nuances that would ordinarily take people a year to understand!  I have received feedback about how exciting the training was in terms of style and delivery, and how respectful you were to the delegates.  Well done – and thanks for delivering a great experience"







2016/2017 Global Client Feedback from Leadership Team:


We asked one of our global clients, whom we have been working with for over a year now, what are we like to work with? the feedback was; "You are positive, people trust you, people see your competence, experience, easy to work with, pragmatic, good translation of theory into execution"


Obviously in the nature of balance we asked what we could improve on and the feedback was; "believe it or not we had a session with all 4 of us who have worked with Improview and we were not able to come up with points"










2017: Feedback for 2 days programme designed and delivered in UK at three locations..


"it really has been a pleasure working with you so far on this project. Your attention to detail, listening to our requirements have resulted in a first class set of materials. On behalf of the project team, thank you and we look forward to seeing this come to life in a few weeks time"


Head of Learning for the UK: Global Software Company










2020: Feedback after a FIKA virtual meeting 


"Today I attended my 1st FIKA session with the inspirational Neil Mundell-Phipps, dialling into a zoom call with complete strangers felt strange but within minutes it felt so normal too. We shared how we are feeling with current situation and also what we felt guilty about too, good to hear others are feeling similar and then offer advice to each other. I felt so positive when I left the call and 100% ready for my working day. Thank you for facilitating this Neil I will be back next week, and I urge anyone interested to give this a go, you won’t regret it"


togetherness hashtagliberating hashtagdoingthingsdifferently






Sept 2020: An Attitude of Gratitude.

How lovely for Improview to recieve a "gift" after working with an aweome senior leadership team from Wickes. So much better than a bottle of wine or flowers, is the gift of voice, praise and gratitude to a job well done.


see the Video Gift below:






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