Balanced-Self Coaching


The following is an introduction into our Improview Balanced-Self Coaching approach, please spend a few minutes on this page and opne the PDF document that gives a visual overview of the balanced-self theory and model.  


What is Coaching:

  • In basics terms, coaching assists people to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. This shift would help them to be more effective in how they show up and operate, enable them to be more the best version of who they are. They use a coach as they see this as being far more effective than working alone. 


We will support you as a coach by:

  • Helping to raise the awareness of a coachee with powerful questioning and listening techniques so they can get clear on what they truly desire and who they are at their core
  • Assisting them to create personal and practical, step-by-step action plans to reach their goals
  • Providing on-going support through any changes or obstacles a coachee may encounter
  • Providing a coachee with tools, techniques and strategies to create lasting change and success


Who has a coach:

  • this can be for a personal or a professional issue that needs some additional effective support.


An overview of Improview's Balanced-Self Coaching Approach
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