i3 - Personality Profiling


The foundation of i3 profiling tool hinges on an online assessment, called the i3 Profile. This assessment can be completed in just 15-20 minutes but its effects will last a lifetime. Taking into account 7 Individual Instinctive Indicators (i3), the assessment will reveal a totally unique combination for each person as well as provide insight into the environment they are likely to be most productive and fulfilled within, no two results generated from the assessment are the same.


To ensure accurate professional feedback, an accredited i3 coach, from Improview, examines the results of each profile to provide personal, bespoke feedback heightening both self and social awareness. If you are an individual completing an i3 profile, this feedback can occur face-to-face, via a web chat or telephonically.


There is no right or wrong profile. The order and spacing of your indicators highlight what is instinctive to you and what is less instinctive and requires more application. Together with a visual summation of your most productive environment (included in the i3 profile), your i3 Improview coach will be able to identify what might be hindering you from being at your most productive and suggest ways in which you can maximise your effectiveness whilst boosting your job satisfaction to help you reach your full potential.



Please access this pdf document that gives an overview the the i3 personality profiling tool.



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