Reconnect and Refocus




Prepare for the future together with a new team day event. We offer you and your team a faciltiated day (face to face, virtual or a mix of both) where after weeks/months of physical distant working, you can come together as one team and reignite being a cohesive team once more, whilst being able to reconnect and refocus on your future together.



why the need to Reconnect and Refocus

The landscape over the last year has changed. You need to identify, maybe even build, the new landscape. Then help your people navigate it.

Here we show you the overview of our "workshop" for reconnecting and refocusing your people back into the workplace
Don't just re-open, reconnect and refocus
Reconnect Refocus 2020.pdf
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Our thoughts on reconnecting with your employees and focusing on the future.
Debrief the Virus.pdf
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