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At Improview we always treat our clients as unique, because they are.


Each client has their own culture, history, values and beliefs and it is important to us (and hopefully you) that we discover, understand and consider these and then work to compliment them at all times.


We will always work openly and honestly with our client partners and will jointly explore and agree the most effective solutions to meet their needs.


Please contact us to talk about your needs and goals. We would love to meet with you to discover the beating heart of your business.




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Improview ensure that true learning is applied in the workplace, whether that is knowledge based learning or behavioural based learning, for individuals or teams. This is through our design, delivery and reviewing, using the Conscious Competence Learning Matrix.


There is a fundamental reason for the failure of a lot of training, facilitation and learning. If the awareness of skill and deficiency is low or non-existent, (the learner is at the unconscious incompetence stage) the learner will simply not see the need for learning. It's essential to establish awareness of a weakness or training need (conscious incompetence) prior to attempting to impart learning or arrange training necessary to move individuals from stage 2 to 3. People only respond to development when they are aware of their own need for it, and the personal benefit they will derive from achieving it.








Improview believe it is imperative to understand the specific change required, for all development activities, and what actions need to be considered and implemented to create and sustain the change.

The Beckhard-Harris change model describes the conditions necessary for change to occur, and be sustained.

The model specifies that businesses and individuals change when,

there is Dissatisfaction with the current “state”and there is a clear and

shared Vision of a preferred future,

finally there needs to be an acceptable First Step plan in achieving

the Vision. The sum of these must be greater than the existing

Resistance to change.







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